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     Kayaks are the newest addition to our growing family of sports equipment. It has already proven to be better than we could have imagined. As the story goes, we were at a ski buying show, talking to our Karhu ski salesman. He pointed out that he sold a very popular brand of kayaks (Walden). He informed us that they were selling faster than they could be made, and that he felt that kayaks would be a natural fit in our store. Being a bit narrow minded and not the least bit interested, we used the old excuse that we didn't have the space. This salesman thought for a second and said, "Why don't you use that back room that's always full of junk?" After about a month's debate, we cleaned up the back room and embarked on selling a product we had never used.

     That was three years and '2 more toys in the garage' ago. We have lived in Oneonta for a long time and it's been a fascination to us to experience the local river and small streams that for years we had been pedaling past. We do live in a very pretty place, and each time we're in the kayak, we realize just how lucky we are here. 

     Kayaking is a simple, relaxing, comfortable way to get away from it all, even if only for an hour or two. And the best part is, after the boat is paid for, using it is free and readily available in our area. Stop by our store to view our stock, talk with our experienced staff, and psyche yourself up for another adventure in the outdoors.

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