Diamondback Overdrive Pro 29in Slx/xt Complete Mountain Bike - 2015 Black, L

Given the state of mountain bike manufacturing today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was never any other viable material but carbon. The halcyon days of alloy bikes may seem like a golden era from cycling’s past, but machines like Diamondback’s Overdrive Pro 29in SLX/XT Complete Mountain Bike remind us again and again why aluminum was the original -- and still the easiest to work with -- material for lightweight race bikes. Everything from the reasonably well-tested (read: decades of competitive and recreational use) 6061-T6 alloy to the forged dropouts and replaceable derailleur hanger recommend this as a forever frame, even if you decide to hop on the one-by wagon or turn the Shimano drivetrain up to 11. You may also eventually opt to replace the FOX 32 Float fork if you weary of the specialized Climb, Trail, and Descend settings, but we don’t think that will ever become an issue. Regardless of future component choices, the frame’s handling and cross-country speed will never change. The hardtail’s lack of articulated pivot points mean that it’s an overall stiffer ride. This obviously nets higher speeds and more efficient energy transfer, but it also means the frame tracks better, holding to the lines that you set with the point-and-click navigation of the tapered, steep head tube. The frame’s stiffness also takes advantage of the big 29er contact patches for confident speed that lights fires on cross-country courses and can still ride roughshod over most trail terrain. READ MORE...

Sale Price: $1360.00

Brand: Diamondback
Store: Backcountry