Sherwood Bcd Pro Accessory Kit

Having the right accessories on a dive can make the difference between having fun and just not getting the most out of your diving experience. Having to clutch your gauge every time you fin over a reef fearing you may cause damage to the environment due to a dangling console or wanting to look under a ledge, but you don’t have a handy light to see well are just a couple of things that can create a less then optimum experience. The AKONA/Genesis BCD Pro Accessory Kit is especially designed to work with ALL Genesis and Sherwood BCD’s. AKONA’s BCD Pro Kit adds all the features you want to your BCD with a custom built-in look. Both Genesis and Sherwood BCD’s have strategically located clips and corrosion free grommets to attach all items in the Pro Accessory Kit. Kit includes: Side-Kick 316 stainless steel knife with 3.5 (8.9cm) blunt blade, Gauge Console Retractor with 21 (53.3cm) durable Kevlar cable swivel snap hook and optional stainless steel key ring clip, Light retractor with 25 (63.5cm) stainless steel cable and key ring clip, Tec 40 Halogen dive light that is rated to 2,000’ (610 meters) and has a 3 to 5 hour burn time, Free 4 AA Alkaline Batteries and installation tool Included! So now when you’re fining over the reef your console is retracted up snug to your gear, yet with one pull of the cable the instruments are easy to read. When finished monitoring your instruments they automatically retract to their snug up position out of the way. You also have a handy light with you with the same unique retractor feature plus much more! READ MORE...

Price: $129.95

Brand: Sherwood Scuba Accessories
Store: Leisure Pro