Currie Izip E3 Peak 27.5"" Electric Mountain Bike -- 2015

Currie IZIP E3 Peak 27.5 Electric Mountain Bike -- 2015. We think this is pretty impressive: a mountain bike that can handle cross country trails, slice through corners, summit rock piles, and dive down dirt banks, all without pedaling. The Peak is the latest in a serious of electric bike breakthroughs that grant to access anyone with a desire to ride great trails. Think about all of those gorgeous local trails or neighborhood dirt paths that seemed so daunting before the invention of the Currie IZIP E3 Peak Electric Mountain Bike. An electric bike is nothing like a traditional bike. It removes the obstacle of needing vast amounts of fitness to go moderate or longer distances in a short amount of time. This front suspension mountain bike, replete with hydraulic disc brakes and SRAM X7 components, is more than capable of handling both obstacles and changing grades. Plus, you can pack your gear up and the bike will gladly handle the load. An e-bike utilizes a battery powered electric motor to give you an extra boost while riding. Simply start pedaling and the motor assist kicks in. It feels like riding with a powerful wind at your back at all times. Or, simply switch the bike to throttle only and away you’ll go with nearly zero effort on your part. When you get home, plug the battery into any standard wall outlet and it will be ready to propel you on your way again tomorrow. It’s that easy. The E3 Peak DS features an aluminum 6061 frame, a Rock Shox XC30 TK 100mm travel fork, and SRAM X7 parts, which make it equal to any cross country or park trail. Great trail handling, great controls and software, outstanding ride quality going up or down and off-road specific components. The E3 Peak is fast. A rider can go up to 28 mph with input (hard pedaling) yet fully controllable with easily modulated hydraulic disc brakes. This is a bike to take you places you never dreamt possible. The IZIP E3 Peak has a powerful 350 watt Centerdrive motor and an LCD multi-display system with power adjustment features. It can achieve average speeds of 6mph using only the throttle, or 20mph if you assist with normal pedaling. The downtube mounted lithium ion battery will transport you up to 35 miles before needing a recharge and a SRAM X7 drivetrain responds quickly to gear changes. The Centerdrive motor is smooth, and powerful and will easily take you where you want to go. The future of cycling is intertwined with electric power and we coulnd’t be more excited about the possibilities it holds. READ MORE...

Sale Price: $2999.99

Brand: Currie Technologies
Store: Performance Bicycle